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تجميع لافضل طرق التسويق

تجميع لافضل طرق التسويق تجميع لاحدث طرق التسويق والتسويق الرقمي المتوقعه باذن الله
*Organic Search
*Reimagining organizations to be more human
*Building trust
*crafting an engagement strategy that leans into customer participation at its deepest levels.
*online conversations with the clients
*creating innovative experiences through cross-industry partnerships
*User Generated Content
*Branded Content
*Social Commerce
*Brand Activism
*Google Core Web Vitals
*Real-time Marketing
*Going Live
*Programmatic Advertising
*Advertising via messaging Apps
*Conversational AI
*Contactless Technology
*Interactive Content
*The Rise of Micro-Influencers
*Flywheel marketing instead of marketing funnel model
*New Video Formats
*Corona Virus Content
*Remix brand content with users
*Nostalgia Marketing
*Conversational Marketing will drive sales ( ex: Website Live Messaging Box )
*Podcasts Marketing


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